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Counselling Sessions

45 Minutes 

Each Session

We offer an E-Counseling platform to provide professional support by a qualified Counseling psychologist for individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, phobias, and other mental health-related concerns. 


The services are provided through Audio call sessions or Video call sessions 


Counseling even today seems to be a ‘HUSH HUSH’ affair. We aim to bridge the gap and make the services available to you from anywhere and make sure our services are affordable as we believe we need to help people make mental health a priority! 

We also offer preventive measures for individuals who might want to work around indicators that show up in our day-to-day life through self-care tips and empathetic listening.


Some of the Reasons to seek counselling:

- Emotional & Psychological Issues

- Child Counseling

- Increase in Productivity

- Self-Care

- Self Improvement

- Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

- Relationship Issues

Workshops & Webinars

90 Mins 

1 Day

8 Week Module

The creative art-based workshop provided by TBS is an opportunity for self-exploration in an emotionally safe environment, where the participants can express themselves without feeling judged. 


These workshops are conducted by her to create a safe space, which in turn allows each participant to explore her/his inner world and thereby understand and work towards self-improvement and healing. 


This 90 minutes workshop uses movement, music, drama, art and relaxation techniques, thereby making it an enjoyable and relaxing experience at the same time.  

The Creative Art Based Workshop is specially designed by TBS team based on the age, gender, and need of the participants. It is, therefore, suitable for all age groups. The Sessions topics are planned after a need assessment of the potential group and participants.

Similar to workshops, webinars are conducted by TBS for organisations and groups. They are conducted through online portals like Google Meet / Zoom for ease of access. 

For inquiry about conducting a workshop or a webinar for your organisation, please get in touch with us. 

Guest Lecture

Academic Institutions





Looking for a well-informed speaker, educator, guest faculty? Our team has a rich experience of conducting lectures, workshops, and talks on various topics related to Psychology and Self Improvement such as:

- Anxiety

- Anger-Management

- Stress-Management

- Leadership

- Creativity

- Understanding Thinking Process

- Social Psychology

- Developmental Psychology

- Psychosomatic disorders

- Goal Setting

- Self-Awareness

- Self-Care

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